Westminster is a congregation of The United Church of Canada, with a global flavour.

We endeavour to embody the generous compassion of the gospel, all the while seeking to care for those struggling to bear the pains and sorrows of human life. We are a community of heart, carrying the ministry of Christ to the best of our ability and beyond.

We include folk who have lived in Mississauga from its early days and others who have come from various places across Canada and around the globe.

We are always growing and learning what it means to be together in Christ, fashioning a fellowship that is enriched by the gifts we all bring.

We are committed to respecting everyone where they are in their spiritual journey and to inviting each other to grow in grace and character.

We celebrate where we have come from and look forward to what is next. We want to share the joy of God and the encouragement of the Spirit. We expect to be surprised by those God brings together to enrich our lives.

If you want to sing, if you want to pray, if you want to read, study and question - this could be the place, and the community for you.

If you have a passion for God and God’s world we just might share it.

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